The interdisciplinary medical team from Germany and Austria, as well as colleagues from the Uzondu support association, traveled from October 10th to October 19th, 2023 for the Medical Mission Week in our hospital.

2 doctors, 2 pediatric nurses, an orthopedic technician and a pediatric physiotherapist from the St. Augustin Children’s Clinic, Germany, as well as a specialized dialysis nurse from Austria and a delegation from the Uzondu support association were in this team.

The German and Austrian medical team were able to spend several days in the various specialist departments, including the  Children and Adolescent Complex and the Physiotherapy Center, as well as in the internal medicine ward, to gain many different impressions and an interdisciplinary exchange with their Nigerian colleagues.

It was an extremely open, warm and constructive exchange of expertise.

The appropriate further medical treatment of our shared patients at St. Mary’s Children Hospital will hopefully result in a healing or development-promoting result, even for very small premature babies.

In the children’s treatments, many aspects of cooperation, including communication between the doctors, physiotherapists and parents of the sick children, were positively stimulated.

In the dialysis ward, 7 dialysis machines were made functional again, which was a great success in collaboration, especially for the benefit of patients with kidney disease.

The overview of more targeted, new diagnostic procedures such as the CT device, which was ceremoniously inaugurated on site, was also presented to patients and parents of sick children as a major, additional medical opportunity.

More than 3000 patients received free treatment as part of this international medical missions of our hospital.

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