Message from Founder

By this we came to know the love of God: that Christ laid down his life for us; so we ought to lay down our lives for one another” 1 John 3:16
One of my greatest achievements in the community is my effort with my European and other friends in building an ultra-modern hospital for our community. The hospital is today one of the best hospitals in the former South Eastern Nigeria. My vision for our hospital is the same as stated in the mission and vision of the hospital which is “the service of God and mankind through the provision of excellent medical services especially to children and women by applying the best human skills, technology and infrastructure in an environment that supports excellent diagnosis, treatment and recovery

Today at least, more than 20% of foreign patients seeking medical treatment in India are from Nigeria. Nigeria health care system is one of the lowest in countries in Africa. There is unmitigated mismanagement and poor administrative leadership of the health sector as well as the unhealthy rivalry and bickering in the sector. Nigeria must search for solution to the declining status of the health care system and the ever worsening indices of maternal and infant mortality rates.

I have a vision of a health centre par excellence that takes care of the rural populace. I want this hospital to be the best in this part of the world in terms of medical equipment with excellent and very dedicated professionals who are ready to sacrifice for the best health care of our people. I do not want anyone from henceforth to leave this part of our earth, this area of our globe to any other region of the world in search for better health care. With this hospital, I want to shut all migrations to in the name of medical trips.

I therefore want our hospital to serve the needs of our people and community until the end of the world. It is my wish that this hospital becomes a good research centre not only for diseases like malaria which daily threaten the lives of innocent Nigerians and especially those of children, but that this centre becomes a place of crushing those things responsible for these diseases like mosquito into good Nigerian diets and dishes so that they will also in turn be threatened by Nigerians.

In short, I wish that medical miracles be taking place in this hospital. I want the hospital to be the centre of everyday miracle for good health of our people. I wish that the hospital becomes the centre where people, who are thought to be almost dead, will come to life again, just by being carried into the hospital compound, that is, even before they see any nurse or doctor. I have a vision of a place where these people will begin again to have dreams of a greater tomorrow, except of course God insists that He wants such an individual in question immediately. In short, I want the place to be the centre of hope for the medically hopeless.

This is my dream, our little contribution and legacy to our people. Our hospital is standing out as one of the best. But still we need a lot of things in order to realize our idea of making it a leading centre of world class medical care in our country. We still have need for lots of medical equipment, facilities and professionals and expansion of services in various parts of the hospital to meet with increasing patient load and needs.

I am thus calling on all our friends and well-wishers to continue to help and support us , no matter how small the contribution.

Rev. Fr.Dr. Sergius Nnamdi Duru
Founder & President
St.Mary’s Children and Community Hospital
Umuowa, Orlu, Imo-State, Nigeria