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SMCCH Hosts Successful 2024 Annual Radiology Training Workshop to Enhance Radiological Health Quality JULY 2024

In an effort to enhance standards of radiological health quality, our hospital St Marys Children and Community Hospital Umuowa, organized the highly anticipated 2024 Annual Radiology Training Workshop on July 5th, 2024.

Medical professionals and radiology professionals , and other experts in the field gathered to collaborate, learn, and share the latest practices and technologies in radiology.

The workshop featured a series of interactive sessions, lectures, and hands-on training, focusing on cutting-edge techniques, advancements in radiological imaging, and best practices in patient care. Participants learnt how to strengthen their skills to provide better healthcare services to patients.

The Medical Director Dr. Onukogu in his opening remarks ,  expressed his enthusiasm for the workshop, stating, “Our hospital is committed to continuous improvement in radiological health quality, and the annual workshop is a key initiative in achieving this goal”

The chief training  Consultant Dr. Sylvester  highlighted the importance of ongoing education in radiology, stating, “Continuous learning and professional development are essential in the field of radiology to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology and practices. The workshop serves as a platform for professionals to enhance their knowledge, skills, and ultimately deliver better patient care.”

The 2024 Annual Radiology Training Workshop was met with great success, with attendees leaving empowered, inspired, and equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to elevate the standards of radiological health quality and safety. The hospital’s commitment to excellence in radiology continues to drive innovation and improvements in patient care. It is noted that our hospital is the only hospital within the entire zone and beyond that provides comprehensive CT scan services , with our brand new CT machine which was commissioned in October 2023.

Overall, the workshop proved to be a valuable opportunity for medical professionals to collaborate, learn, and advance the field of radiology, ultimately benefiting the healthcare industry and the patients it serves.


In our unrelenting  commitment to reducing neonatal mortality rates in our region, St. Mary’s Hospital Umuowa , in collaboration with Saint Augustine Children’s Hospital Bonn hosted  a groundbreaking one-day training workshop  on – HELPING BABIES BREATHE.

The HBB seminar underscored the crucial medical significance of early neonatal care, equipping healthcare practitioners from primary and secondary health facilities within the zone with essential skills to ensure newborns can breathe effectively and thrive.

We were honored to welcome representatives from over 50 hospitals and maternities to this enriching training event, where they actively participated in hands-on practical sessions to enhance their expertise in neonatal resuscitation.

Certificates of participation were proudly awarded to all attendees, recognizing their dedication to advancing neonatal care and safeguarding the lives of our littlest community members.

Following the training, participants were treated to an engaging tour of our cutting-edge hospital facilities, giving them a firsthand look at the technology and compassionate care that define St. Mary’s Hospital.

According to Dr. Stella Adikuru, Head of Pediatrics Department: “Our goal is to empower healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills needed to intervene early and save the lives of newborns in critical moments.”

Dr. V. Emeto, the Assistant Director of Clinical Services and Chairman of the Training Session , also noted that  , “As we continue to collaborate and learn together, we are shaping a brighter future for neonatal care in our region. Every baby’s first breath matters.”

A heartfelt thank you to all who participated and contributed to this transformative event. Together, we are making a lasting impact on the health and well-being of our community’s tiniest patients.


From Bonn Germany: Another container transport was carried out on June 7th, 2024 with the help of many dedicated helpers under the leadership of Karin Hünteler, employee of the Uzondu Friends Association in Bonn and Harald Band. This year, some high school students from Q 1 at the Bonn-Beuel Comprehensive School again provided additional support, which meant that all medical donations in kind were quickly packed. We are extremely grateful for the great willingness to help and support for this extensive container transport. Many medical devices will be put into operation immediately after a long journey from the port of Antwerp to Port Harcourt, to St. Mary’s Hospital in Umuowa, Nigeria. Our colleagues in Nigeria can hardly wait to put the new medical devices from Germany into operation. IMELA – thank you very much!

Basic Life Support Training For Staff of Our Hospital. MAY 2024

From May 29th to 31st, 2024, our hospital conducted a comprehensive Basic Life Support Training program for all staff and members of the hospital community, focusing on essential skills such as Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the operation of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices. This training initiative aimed to provide participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively respond to medical emergencies within and outside the hospital premises, emphasizing the critical role of preparedness and quick action in saving lives.

The significance of Basic Life Support Training in a hospital setting cannot be overstated. In high-pressure situations, the ability to deliver immediate and accurate aid can significantly impact patient outcomes. By ensuring that all staff and members are proficient in CPR techniques and adept at using AED devices, St Marys Hospital is proactively enhancing its capacity to deliver timely and effective care, ultimately fostering a safer and more secure environment for patients and caregivers alike.

In his remarks , Dr. Obi Onukogu, the Medical Director underscored the importance of the Basic Life Support Training program, stating, “Our objective with this training is to empower our hospital community with life-saving skills that are indispensable during emergencies. By equipping our staff and members with the knowledge and confidence to administer CPR and utilize AEDs, we are not only elevating the standard of patient care but also cultivating a culture of preparedness and resilience within our hospital and beyond the hospital environment “

Through this educational initiative, our hospital stands to gain a more proficient and responsive workforce capable of swiftly and competently addressing medical emergencies.  It also further solidifies our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services and ensuring the well-being of all individuals under our  care.

Celebrating World Menstrual Hygiene Day at Technical Secondary School, Umuowa. MAY 2024

Our hospital celebrated the World Menstrual Hygiene Day , which is celebrated all over the world on 28th May. We engaged young female students at Technical Secondary School, Umuowa, as we celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day together. It was inspiring to see everyone come together to raise awareness about the importance of proper hygiene during menstruation. Speaking during the gathering , the leader of the outreach team , Ms Kolade, a Senior Reproductive Health Nurse ,noted that , “ As we strive to empower and educate our girls, it’s crucial to break the silence surrounding menstruation and foster an environment of understanding and support. Menstruation is not a problem to be solved, but a power to be celebrated.” The hospital distributed over 2000 free packets of sanitary pads to the students.   We shall continue to  promote menstrual hygiene and ensure every girl has access to the resources and knowledge they need to thrive!


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Augusta Unamma { BNSC , RN , RM , NEd }  as the new Matron of our hospital , effective immediately. This appointment follows the recent exit of our former Matron, and we are confident that Mrs. Unamma’s  wealth of experience and expertise will be a valuable asset to our hospital community. Mrs. Unamma  brings with her a strong background in nursing and healthcare management, with over 10 years of experience in the field. Her dedication to providing exceptional patient care and her commitment to excellence in healthcare make her an ideal fit for this role. As Matron, Mrs. Unamma  will be responsible for overseeing the nursing staff, ensuring the highest standards of patient care, and contributing to the strategic development of our hospital. We welcome Mrs. Unamma  to our team and look forward to working with her to continue providing the best possible care to our patients.

Successful Completion of Clinic Coverage at NYSC Camp Clinic. APRIL 2024.

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our clinic coverage at the NYSC Camp Clinic, in partnership with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA). Our hospital St Marys Hospital Umuowa ,  was approved to manage the NYSC clinic since 2022, and we are proud to have successfully provided medical cover  to over 3000 corps members in Batch A1 and A2. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals worked tirelessly to ensure the well-being of the corps members and entire camp team, providing comprehensive medical services and ensuring a smooth and healthy transition for the corps members during their orientation program. The partnership between our hospital, NYSC, and NHIA has been a resounding success, and we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of Nigeria’s youth. We look forward to continuing this partnership and providing excellent medical care to future batches of corps members. Congratulations to our team for a job well done!


🌟 Exciting News! 🌟

As part of activities to celebrate the 2024  World Kidney Day, which was celebrated on 14th March , 2024, our hospital launched  *Subsidized Dialysis Treatment* our patients at a reduced cost of N20,000 per session. The goal is to make dialysis affordable for everyone in need.

Our fully equipped Dialysis Centre boasts about 10 top-of-the-line machines, ensuring safe and effective treatment for all our patients.

The World Kidney day ceremony also featured free dialysis treatment for about 20 patients , lectures and sensitization seminars in the hospital.

Reacting to the development , the head of department of Dialysis , Ms Amadoo Nkechi, elatedly said “‘the cost of dialysis is about N60-70,000 ; and this reduced price of N20,000 will give more hopes of live to many of our patients.

This scheme is sponsored by some of our friends in Austria , anchored by Dr Gerhild Haralter and Mrs Sylvia Hackl.  We express our thankfulness and gratitude for this great initiative to help in ameliorating the financial burden faced by patients with chronic kidney diseases.


In the month of March, our esteemed President/  Founder, Rev Fr Dr Sergius Duru ,  returned to Nigeria for a two-week vacation. While here, he engaged in several crucial meetings with all departments of the hospital and members of the Tenders Board, emphasizing our commitment to excellence and growth.

In addition to these important discussions, our President and Founder inaugurated a series of structural construction projects aimed at enhancing our facilities and services. These projects include:

1. Re-roofing of the old site building: Ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for our staff and students.

2. Expansion of the medical records and crèche: Improving efficiency and care for our patients health information records and data.

3. Structural modification of some buildings: Enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of our hospital infrastructure and buildings.

4. Construction of a carport for our vehicles: Providing convenient and secure parking for our hospital vehicles

Speaking on an interview on these , the president Fr Sergius Duru said , “ These initiatives reflect our ongoing dedication to providing top-notch healthcare services and maintaining a welcoming and modern facility for all who walk through our doors” He further complained of the 5 kilometer access road to the hospital , which needs to be asphalted and reconstructed.


We announce the arrival of a new Mercedes Benz Emergency Ambulance which arrived our hospital from Germany.  We are grateful to the Uzondu group , and our lead partner Harald Band  for this donation from Rhein Erft Kreis. The ambulance is fully operational , and fitted with the most modern medical and resuscitation gadgets for ambulatory and pre-hospital care.

The Community Home Care Outreach programme organized by the hospital weekly, aims  to visit and give free treatment to  indigent , disabled and old patients in the community. The new ambulance has since been launched into this programme to replace the older ambulances.


Our hospital , St Mary’s Children and Community Hospital Umuowa , in partnership with Dr Godwin and Prof Ola NNADI , of Umulolo Nkwerre,  organised a two day free eye medical mission  for the members of the community.  This was held from 5th to 6th January , 2024. The mission saw about 1000 patients who were treated of varied eye diseases and pathologies, ranging from tropical eye infections, refractive disorders , cataract and many others. The head of the St Marys team , Dr Judith Ahunanya , explained that “ this is in line with the vision of the hospital , to bring medical services to the doorsteps of members of the community “.  She thanked. the co-sponsors of the programme , Dr & Prof Nnadi for helping to restore eye health to the many indigent members of the community.


Our hospital celebrated our End of Year / Christmas Party / Cantata on Wednesday 20th December 2023.   It was a very exciting , fun loving and relaxing event for all the staff and students of the hospital.   There was lots to eat and drink , and with lots of dances by the students and staff children.

The Christmas cantata was headed by the Angelic choir of the St Marys Chaplaincy , with the choir master James Adikaibe coordinating the cantata II.

The event also featured the 2023 End of year awards for the staff , and lots of treasure ticket raffle draws and prizes.  Amongst the nurses , Ms Vanessa Ibe won the FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE AWARD 2023 , while Dr Francis Okorie won the HIPPOCRATES AWARD for the most hard working medical officer for 2023.  The award for the VISIONARY AWARD was won by the Medical Director Dr Obi Onujogu , for his outstanding visionary leadership in piloting the hospital to its zenith height.

In her remarks ,  head of the awards team, Dr Zode Oakhina explained that the awards were done through extensive voting by members of staff in the most transparent process.

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