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We announce the arrival of a new Mercedes Benz Emergency Ambulance which arrived our hospital from Germany.  We are grateful to the Uzondu group , and our lead partner Harald Band  for this donation from Rhein Erft Kreis. The ambulance is fully operational , and fitted with the most modern medical and resuscitation gadgets for ambulatory and pre-hospital care.

The Community Home Care Outreach programme organized by the hospital weekly, aims  to visit and give free treatment to  indigent , disabled and old patients in the community. The new ambulance has since been launched into this programme to replace the older ambulances.


Our hospital , St Mary’s Children and Community Hospital Umuowa , in partnership with Dr Godwin and Prof Ola NNADI , of Umulolo Nkwerre,  organised a two day free eye medical mission  for the members of the community.  This was held from 5th to 6th January , 2024. The mission saw about 1000 patients who were treated of varied eye diseases and pathologies, ranging from tropical eye infections, refractive disorders , cataract and many others. The head of the St Marys team , Dr Judith Ahunanya , explained that “ this is in line with the vision of the hospital , to bring medical services to the doorsteps of members of the community “.  She thanked. the co-sponsors of the programme , Dr & Prof Nnadi for helping to restore eye health to the many indigent members of the community.


Our hospital celebrated our End of Year / Christmas Party / Cantata on Wednesday 20th December 2023.   It was a very exciting , fun loving and relaxing event for all the staff and students of the hospital.   There was lots to eat and drink , and with lots of dances by the students and staff children.

The Christmas cantata was headed by the Angelic choir of the St Marys Chaplaincy , with the choir master James Adikaibe coordinating the cantata II.

The event also featured the 2023 End of year awards for the staff , and lots of treasure ticket raffle draws and prizes.  Amongst the nurses , Ms Vanessa Ibe won the FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE AWARD 2023 , while Dr Francis Okorie won the HIPPOCRATES AWARD for the most hard working medical officer for 2023.  The award for the VISIONARY AWARD was won by the Medical Director Dr Obi Onujogu , for his outstanding visionary leadership in piloting the hospital to its zenith height.

In her remarks ,  head of the awards team, Dr Zode Oakhina explained that the awards were done through extensive voting by members of staff in the most transparent process.


Our hospital is the approved hospital that runs and manages the Imo State National Youth Service Corps NYSC / National Health Insurance Authority NHIA Camp Clinic.

Our medical team were in the camp clinic for 6 weeks from 1st November to 21st November for the batch C stream 1 , and from 24 November to 14 December for the batch C stream 2 corp members.

Our hospital team provided excellent professional clinical services to the teaming number of corp members.  In his reaction, the representative of the NYSC /NHIA team , commended SMCCH for its excellence in the clinical care service delivery to the corp members and entire staff and personnel on camp.


St Marys Children and Community Hospital Umuowa Orlu:

Our combined team of doctors performed an outstanding surgery recently in our hospital.   A 45 year old woman who had massive enlarged abdomen for over 5 years, associated with severe pains.   She had visited several hospitals with no cure, and had resorted to prayers and spiritual support.

However, someone directed her to our hospital where she decided to give a last trial. Our combined team of General Surgeons , Gynaecologist, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons , Anaesthesiologists took her to theatre and removed the giant tumour weighing 80kilograms.

Reacting to this development, the lead surgeon , and head of department Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr Pius Agu said “ … this is the biggest tumour that has been removed from the pelvis ever documented”

The patient  was managed in the Intensive Care Unit and made good recovery and was discharged home on the 20th day in stable condition.  She has fully recovered and is now very stable and reunited to her family and the society.


Every year World Stroke Day is observed on October 29th to emphasize the serious nature and high rates of stroke. The day is also observed to raise awareness of the prevention and treatments of stroke.

Worldwide, brain stroke is the third leading cause of disability and second leading cause of death. Every year, approximately 18 million  people suffer from stroke. It is noted that low and middle income countries, of which Nigeria  is a part, have witnessed more than 100 percent increase in stroke whereas the developed countries have witnessed a drop of 42 percent.

According to our Chief Medical Director, Dr Obi Onukogu , “In 2010, World Stroke Organization (WSO) declared stroke a public health emergency to curb the trending mortality and disability due to the lack of awareness and proper accessibility of diagnosis and treatment to everyone.”

He further explained that , “This year, 2023, the World Stroke Day Theme is “Together we are #Greater Than Stroke.” It emphasizes the prevention of risk factors such as hypertension, irregular heartbeat, smoking, diet and exercise, as nearly 90% of strokes can be prevented by addressing the risk factors.”

As part of activities to celebrate this year’s event, our hospital has compiled a handbook of  “ 100 myths and facts on STROKE”. This will help to dispel the increasing wrong information and practices within the community , and get people better informed on risks , care and management of stroke.


The interdisciplinary medical team from Germany and Austria, as well as colleagues from the Uzondu support association, traveled from October 10th to October 19th, 2023 for the Medical Mission Week in our hospital.

2 doctors, 2 pediatric nurses, an orthopedic technician and a pediatric physiotherapist from the St. Augustin Children’s Clinic, Germany, as well as a specialized dialysis nurse from Austria and a delegation from the Uzondu support association were in this team.

The German and Austrian medical team were able to spend several days in the various specialist departments, including the  Children and Adolescent Complex and the Physiotherapy Center, as well as in the internal medicine ward, to gain many different impressions and an interdisciplinary exchange with their Nigerian colleagues.

It was an extremely open, warm and constructive exchange of expertise.

The appropriate further medical treatment of our shared patients at St. Mary’s Children Hospital will hopefully result in a healing or development-promoting result, even for very small premature babies.

In the children’s treatments, many aspects of cooperation, including communication between the doctors, physiotherapists and parents of the sick children, were positively stimulated.

In the dialysis ward, 7 dialysis machines were made functional again, which was a great success in collaboration, especially for the benefit of patients with kidney disease.

The overview of more targeted, new diagnostic procedures such as the CT device, which was ceremoniously inaugurated on site, was also presented to patients and parents of sick children as a major, additional medical opportunity.

More than 3000 patients received free treatment as part of this international medical missions of our hospital.


The Ruth Frei Staff  and Student Nurses Hostel is a remarkable addition to our healthcare infrastructure, providing accommodation for more than 65 students and staff  nurses.

The Oberriet Kapellverein, represented by its president Dr. Martin Frei, made a generous donation to the “Ruth Frei Hostel for students, nurses and nursing staff” in our hospital. The building was started in 2021 and is now fully completed. A gigantic building of three floors and two wings, with about 40 rooms and currently housing about 60 people

The hostel is dedicated to the memory of the dearly departed Ruth Frei, the wife of Dr Martin Frei who died in 2021.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the Bauordens for their support and involvement in the successful completion of this project.

The commissioning ceremony, which took place on 14th October , 2023 ; and it was a momentous occasion for all involved. The Executive Governor of Imo State graced the event through his representative , the honorable Commissioner for Health, and officially  inaugurated the hostel.

The hostel has not only provided a conducive living environment for our nursing staff and students but has also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among them.


As part of activities for the launch of  2023 International Medical Missions Expo held in our hospital on 14th October 2023, this also featured the commissioning of the brand new 2023 model of the SOMATOM GO NOW 32 SLICE CT SCAN in the hospital.

The CT Scan was commissioned by the Executive Governor of Imo State , Dist Sen Hope Uzodimma, who was ably represented by the Hon Commissioner for Health, Dr Prosper Success Ohayagha.  In his speech , he noted the giant strides made by St Marys in healthcare delivery , not only in the Orlu zone , but in the southeast region.  The president / founder , Rev Fr Sergius Duru , thanked the government for all their assistance, and pleaded for the intervention of the government in the reconstruction of the 5 kilometers access road to the hospital.

The hospital offered free CT scan services to all patients needing this CT during the period of the medical missions.


The assembly of the members of Uzondu Group and teams from the international medical mission was held between 10th October to 18th October 2023.

The team were in Nigeria for the 9 days event in the hospital , and as part of activities to celebrate the advancement and development of the hospital , and offer professional and clinical exchange with the medical team from Askepious hospital Bonn.

The participants included: Mrs. Helmi Hütten, Mrs. Kathi Hoss, Mr. Stefan Hoss,  Annette Ewers, Mr. Robert Scheuermeyer, Mr. Harald Band, Mrs. Rita Bausch-Linden,  Mr. Bernhard Rappenhӧner, Mrs. Dr. Kirsten Nill, Mrs. Dr. Dorothea Jacobs, Mrs. Karin Huenteler, Mrs. Sabine Bosbach,  Mr. Christian Beckemeier, Mrs. Claudia Nietzsche,  Mrs. Dr. Gerhild Haralter, Ms. Silvia Hackl,  Mrs. Brunhilde Wastl and  Mr. Tobias Haralter

The event featured a reception by the Traditional leaders and councils  of Imo  state , and visits to the catholic bishops of Orlu and Owerri diocese.  There were also visits to some schools and seminary schools, visits to indigent patients , and other tourist attractions amidst dances , reception and happiness from the local community and the hospital community.

Reacting to this event , the Uzondu 1 of Umuowa , Kathi Hoss said “ This was a very wonderful gathering and get together for the development of our hospital project. “. Kathi Hoss , in this visit , will be her 10th visit to Nigeria.

UPCOMING EVEVT – Join Us for a Life-Changing Medical Mission and Celebrate Our Remarkable Achievements! October 2023.

International Medical Mission with German, Austrian, and Swiss Medical Missionaries

We are thrilled to announce our highly anticipated 2023 International Medical Mission, which will bring together esteemed medical missionaries and partners from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland., from 10th October to 18th October , 2023.

This week-long event promises to be a remarkable opportunity for the local community and medical professionals to come together and make a lasting impact on healthcare.

The focal point of this grand event will be the commissioning of our state-of-the-art CT Scan machine, enhancing our diagnostic capabilities to provide the highest quality care to our patients. This cutting-edge technology will revolutionize our ability to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions, reaffirming our commitment to delivering world-class healthcare services.

In addition to the CT Scan commissioning, we are also delighted to unveil our newly built Staff and Students Hostel, which has been generously donated by our sponsors. This modern facility will provide comfortable accommodation for our hardworking staff and nursing assistant students, fostering an environment of collaboration, learning, and innovation.

The International Medical Mission serves as a unique platform for medical professionals, volunteers, and the local community to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. The visiting medical missionaries and partners will join our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and specialists to offer free medical consultations, and treatments to underserved communities.

Not only will this mission provide crucial healthcare services, but it will also facilitate cultural exchange and foster international friendships. This global collaboration will undoubtedly enrich our medical professionals’ expertise and leave a lasting impression on the local community.

We invite you to join us in this remarkable endeavor to improve healthcare and make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. Whether you are a medical professional looking to contribute your skills, a volunteer eager to support the mission, or a member of the community seeking medical assistance, your involvement will be invaluable.

Save the date and be part of this momentous occasion. Together, we can create a healthier, happier future for all.


The management has approved the appointed of a substantive Matron , following the exit of the former Matron. The new Matron is Mrs Maryann Iloka { BNSC,RN,RM,FPP,NR,MCH} who has more than 15 years of healthcare management experience.With exceptional organizational skills, and track record of leadership skills , and the ability to inspire teams, she will enhance the quality of care and patient experience.

Also appointed are the positions of Assistant Matrons. They are Assistant Matron 1– Mrs Kelechi Ukarahu {BNSC,RN,RM,MHF, }, and Assistant Matron 2- Mrs Augusta Unamma {BNSC,RN,RM,FPP}. Both also possess vast experience and exceptional management skills. Their dedication and leadership abilities make them invaluable assets to our hospital.

According to our Medical Director, Dr Obi Onukogu , “Their experience, dedication, and passion for healthcare will propel our hospital to new heights. I urge them to work tirelessly, leading by example and inspiring our team.”

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our new Matron and Assistant Matrons. Together, let us continue delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Mrs Maryann Iloka

Mrs Kelechi Ukarahu
Asst Matron 1

Mrs Augusta Unamma
Asst Matron 2.

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