We had a medical exchange programme between our hospital and Asklepios Children’s Hospital Sankt Augustin Germany.  On August 29th, 2022, all interested employees of the children’s hospital in St. Augustin were able to find out more about the new children’s center in our St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital in Umuowa, Orlu, Nigeria. Our initiator Dr. Sergius Duru came all the way from Austria to encourage a lively exchange between doctors, pediatric nurses, technicians and therapists, and to provide lots of information about the 20th anniversary of our hospital in Nigeria. Mrs. Karin Hünteler, project manager Uzondu Bonn and also employee in the SPZ St Augustin,reported on the country and the health system in Nigeria and on the newly designed Children and Adolescent complexand its departments such as the newborn and premature baby ward and the regular ward of the new children’s center in our hospital.  At the end, there was a lively professional exchange in a relaxed atmosphere, laying the first innovative foundations for the cooperation between the St. Augustin Children’s Hospital Germany  and St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

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