🌟 Exciting News! 🌟

As part of activities to celebrate the 2024  World Kidney Day, which was celebrated on 14th March , 2024, our hospital launched  *Subsidized Dialysis Treatment* our patients at a reduced cost of N20,000 per session. The goal is to make dialysis affordable for everyone in need.

Our fully equipped Dialysis Centre boasts about 10 top-of-the-line machines, ensuring safe and effective treatment for all our patients.

The World Kidney day ceremony also featured free dialysis treatment for about 20 patients , lectures and sensitization seminars in the hospital.

Reacting to the development , the head of department of Dialysis , Ms Amadoo Nkechi, elatedly said “‘the cost of dialysis is about N60-70,000 ; and this reduced price of N20,000 will give more hopes of live to many of our patients.

This scheme is sponsored by some of our friends in Austria , anchored by Dr Gerhild Haralter and Mrs Sylvia Hackl.  We express our thankfulness and gratitude for this great initiative to help in ameliorating the financial burden faced by patients with chronic kidney diseases.