Patient Comments

Your hospital is the cleanest, and neatness hospital around.

Lady Vicky, Aba

Your nurses are very well exceptional. This is very different from what I see other places. The way and manner they took care of me before and after my surgery was really very excellent. Please keep it up.

Kenneth, Ideato.

 I like the way your doctors explained my sickness to me. I was already half cured by their ways, and the quality of the drugs I was given are superb. I am cured now.

Ijenna, Awomamma

 I am highly impressed with the way your lab results all come out within 30minutes. We spend 3-5 days waiting for the same lab results in some other hospitals. Bravo.

Mmegburu Juliana, Ikeduru

My baby was dead before I came to st marys. I was deceived by my mother in law to go and do apa afo (sic, trado medical scarifications} on the baby. I thank God my baby came back to life and I now know better thanks to your lecture to me, dr obi.

Mrs Anita, Eziachi

You are the only hospital I have seen in the whole naija that remind patients of their hospital appointments on phone! You guys are doing great. Germany in Nigeria.

Evarest, Abuja

No smell, no odour, clean wards. No smell of drugs, Clean toilets. Clean corridors. St Marys… una de try ooooo .. keep it up.

Doris, Amucha

We have been treating my mum in several hospitals until my brother said she should be brought to St Marys. And now she is fine now. Thanks to Fr Sergius for bringing this good thing to us.

Barr Iyke, World Bank Owerri.

My people say that if anybody is sick or about to die, once you bring the person to St marys, he will recover, but you will spend money.

Cassidy, Nkume

Your hospital is very BEAUTIFUL. And your nurses are very BEAUTIFUL too.

ND, Mbano.