Community support, whether through financial contributions or volunteer work, assists SMCCH in providing the highest standard of patient care and ongoing community wellness programs in Umuowa.

By giving of yourself, you become a crucial part of our healthcare team. You help contribute to the comfort, care and well-being of our patients, their families, the staff, visitors and the community.

The St. Mary’s Children & Community Hospital belongs to the people of Umuowa, in Orlu Local Government of Imo State. The people exercise their ownership through Trusteeship of their appointed/ elected representatives registered in line with the company and allied matters statutes of Nigeria. The Trustees Account to the people. Their involvement, coupled with gifts from area residents, community organizations, foundations and corporations, helps to ensure our continual and outstanding leadership in the Nigeria’s healthcare industry.

Whether large or small, your contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of countless people who have sought help at The St. Mary’s Children & Community Hospital. Ultimately, these gifts allow us to maintain the consistently high standards for which we are recognized and respected.

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