Theatre ~ CSSD

Theatre ~ Sterilization

Aseptic theatre

SMCCH has a well equipped theatre complex which houses the main theatre, treatment centre theatre, and the paediatric theatre. The main theatre has an aseptic theatre and a septic theatre.  The theatre is multi-use and equipped with facilities for modern anaesthetic and surgical care. There is a variety of part time surgical specialists and surgical procedures which include general surgery, orthopaedics (elective and trauma), urology surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery and minor ear, nose, and throat procedures. There is a six bed recovery bay.

The central sterilization and supply department (CSSD) is attached to the theatre complex and ensures appropriate sterilization as needed. SMCCH has 2 big autoclaves, MATACHANA and AJ COSTA; and these ensure round the clock supply of sterile materials. The sterilization protocols are according to international best practices, and was instituted by Mr Jan Huijs , a consultant on Sterilization from The HEARTS Netherlands, who has been to the hospital two times to give training to the theatre and CSSD staff; and set up the theatre and sterilization systems