The month of September each year is Neonatal Intensive Care Awareness Month, honoring all NICU patients, families and health professionals. The last day of the month, September 30th, is the culmination of this campaign to give hope to families who are or have previously experienced stays in the NICU, as well as recognize those who helped support them in their difficult journeys.

According to Dr. Adikuru the Pediatrician in St Mary’s Children & Community Hospital Umuowa “NICU Babies are like WARRIORS, they spend every day in those machines fighting for their lives and deciding not to give up, while the health care providers who take care of them are like ANGELS, they pay attention to every little details making sure these little ones are properly taken care of”

St Mary’s Children & Community Hospital joined the rest of the world to celebrate this particular event in the hospital, in which parents of preterm babies born in our hospital or referred from other facilities were invited to the hospital, and also awareness was created using different platforms. Gift items were given to these parents and their babies.

St Mary’s Hospital has the only functional level III NICU in the region, caring for newborns whose needs require more advanced care.

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