NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), also known as an Intensive Care Nursery (ICN) or a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) is an Intensive Care unit (ICU) specializing in the care of ill or premature new born infants. The Neonatal period refers to the first 28 days of life.

SMCCH boasts of a well equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a full complement of qualified healthcare professionals running it, headed by a paediatrician. We offer excellent patient centred care which maximizes the survival of our neonatal patients.

Our NICU Services includes:

  • Full Neonatal Resuscitation: SMCCH ensures an emerging procedure known as Neonatal resuscitation or newborn resuscitation focused on supporting approximately 10% of newborn children who do not readily begin breathing.
  • Incubator Nursing for Premature Babies: SMCCH has an incubator used for preterm babies or some ill full-term babies to maintain environmental conditions suitable for a neonate.
  • Phototherapy: SMCCH NICU has standard equipments for phototherapy to treat newborn jaundice by lowering the bilirubin levels in the baby’s blood.
  • Oxygen Therapy: SMCCH engages in oxygen therapy which provides supplemental oxygen to patients who are suffering from oxygen deficiency or breathing disorder breathe better and improve their blood oxygen levels.
  • Exchange Blood Transfusion: SMCCH engages in a life-saving procedure which is done to counteract the effects of serious jaundice or changes in the blood due to the diseases such as sickle cell anaemia.