The hospital management organised a send forth ceremony for the outgoing matron , Mrs Gloria Agu , who left the hospital at the end of July 2023. For eleven years, her tireless commitment to patient care, her leadership, and her boundless empathy have been a shining beacon in our midst. She has been a source of strength, a guiding light, and a pillar of support to both her colleagues and those under her care. Her gentle words, warm smile, and healing touch have comforted the anxious and inspired hope in the hearts of the weary. In a speech , the President and Founder , Rev Fr Dr Sergius Duru , said , “ Matron, your departure leaves a void that cannot be easily filled, but we send you forth with our deepest gratitude, our well wishes, and the knowledge that the seeds of kindness you have sown will continue to blossom in your absence. May your future endeavors be as fulfilling and rewarding as the years you have spent here, and may your path be blessed with health, happiness, and fulfillment.” In another speech, the Medical Director, Dr Obi Onukogu , said ,”As she embarks on a new chapter of her journey, let us remember the moments of joy, the triumphs of healing, and the camaraderie she fostered within these walls. Her legacy will live on through the lives she has touched, the knowledge she has imparted, and the compassion she has exemplified.” The hospital bestowed some gifts to her , and wished her we in her future endeavours.

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