As part of plans for the 2023 international medical missions slated for October 2023 in the hospital, St Marys shall be installing and commissioning a brand new Computed Tomography CT Scan at this event.
The hospital has started pre -CT scan installation preparations and constructions. This involves a structural reconstruction of the entire radiology block , and the construction of the CT scan suite , with radiation protection / lead lining , in line with regulatory standards and designs.
Speaking on this development , the project manager for this project , Engr James Orsugh explained that “ We will be working for the next 90 days , to fully reconstruct and install all the components required for the CT Scan. We are working day and night , to meet up with the timelines as we wait the arrival of the CT scan”
The head of department of radiology Mr Melvin Onyeka was elated and said “ This will be the single most important diagnostic project for SMCCH since inception. It will greatly help all hospitals within the zone , who always have to send critical patients to Owerri for a CT scan. We can’t wait for the arrival of the CT scan.

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