The assembly of the members of Uzondu Group and teams from the international medical mission was held between 10th October to 18th October 2023.

The team were in Nigeria for the 9 days event in the hospital , and as part of activities to celebrate the advancement and development of the hospital , and offer professional and clinical exchange with the medical team from Askepious hospital Bonn.

The participants included: Mrs. Helmi Hütten, Mrs. Kathi Hoss, Mr. Stefan Hoss,  Annette Ewers, Mr. Robert Scheuermeyer, Mr. Harald Band, Mrs. Rita Bausch-Linden,  Mr. Bernhard Rappenhӧner, Mrs. Dr. Kirsten Nill, Mrs. Dr. Dorothea Jacobs, Mrs. Karin Huenteler, Mrs. Sabine Bosbach,  Mr. Christian Beckemeier, Mrs. Claudia Nietzsche,  Mrs. Dr. Gerhild Haralter, Ms. Silvia Hackl,  Mrs. Brunhilde Wastl and  Mr. Tobias Haralter

The event featured a reception by the Traditional leaders and councils  of Imo  state , and visits to the catholic bishops of Orlu and Owerri diocese.  There were also visits to some schools and seminary schools, visits to indigent patients , and other tourist attractions amidst dances , reception and happiness from the local community and the hospital community.

Reacting to this event , the Uzondu 1 of Umuowa , Kathi Hoss said “ This was a very wonderful gathering and get together for the development of our hospital project. “. Kathi Hoss , in this visit , will be her 10th visit to Nigeria.

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