In the month of March, our esteemed President/  Founder, Rev Fr Dr Sergius Duru ,  returned to Nigeria for a two-week vacation. While here, he engaged in several crucial meetings with all departments of the hospital and members of the Tenders Board, emphasizing our commitment to excellence and growth.

In addition to these important discussions, our President and Founder inaugurated a series of structural construction projects aimed at enhancing our facilities and services. These projects include:

1. Re-roofing of the old site building: Ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for our staff and students.

2. Expansion of the medical records and crèche: Improving efficiency and care for our patients health information records and data.

3. Structural modification of some buildings: Enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of our hospital infrastructure and buildings.

4. Construction of a carport for our vehicles: Providing convenient and secure parking for our hospital vehicles

Speaking on an interview on these , the president Fr Sergius Duru said , “ These initiatives reflect our ongoing dedication to providing top-notch healthcare services and maintaining a welcoming and modern facility for all who walk through our doors” He further complained of the 5 kilometer access road to the hospital , which needs to be asphalted and reconstructed.